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Coming Soon: Complete instructions for writing in Semtog.

The first step in learning this language requires no knowledge of it. Just install the font and play with it, writing English with the upper case keys which resemble the roman alphabet enough to be readable. In fact it's kind of fun to see your words look a bit different, and it stretches your mind in a healthy way to learn a new alphabet. Keep a dream journal or your diary this way and onlookers will be slowed down a bit trying to pry on your private thoughts.

The strange thing is, even random typing always means something. They may not always be symbols which make perfect sense, but since there is meaning in every glyph, it is impossible to type anything meaningless. Type your name and interpret it for fun. Of course those meanings are random, not based on any cosmic wisdom or anything, but it can be interesting.

Then when you want to start learning Semtog, just look up symbols here and practice typing a few. In a few weeks you will be writing sentences effortlessly. I love to see visual language song lyrics when enjoying my favorite music.